A very professional, friendly, punctual company, when they quoted me for an invisible repair that's exactly what I got, superb job guys very pleased indeed. Great job at an affordable price, thanks again Paul and Lee will definitely recommend.

PE Wolverhampton
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Paint Wizard

Professional Mobile Minor Cosmetic Repairs in Wolverhampton

It's not our intention to confuse or offend so we want to make the following perfectly clear - we provide a MINOR COSMETIC repairs service. We can repair scratches, scuffs, minor dings, tiny rips, small holes, etc. Unfortunately we cannot do major repairs... these belong firmly in the hands of a professional body shop.

We're good - we're very good - but we can't perform miracles.

We don't want to waste your time and, in truth, we don't want to waste our time either. We aim to provide the best service we can and that involves being honest, so rather than disappoint you further down the line we'd rather make it clear that there are limits to a mobile cosmetic service.

If you're not sure if your job qualifies as a minor or major repair, please contact us and ask. Take a look at our gallery and see the sort of things we deal with. Perhaps even text over a photo so we can assess the work in hand, but please be ready to answer some questions.