Really professional service, excellent finish and job nicely done! I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and these guys were as good as my expectations... So top marks - thank you!

MR 4 Mount Drive, Wombourne
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Paint Wizard

Professional Mobile Windscreen Chip Repairs in Wolverhampton

A chipped windscreen is an eyesore, but it can also impede driver vision and that can have legal ramifications. Windscreen chips can also spread; they are a weakness in the glass and the pressure of everyday driving can act upon this causing it to crack and potentially lead to full windscreen failure.

Thankfully a chip doesn't mean you need a new windscreen.

If you're near Wolverhampton, Paint Wizard can repair your windscreen. Our mobile professional service can return the strength to your windscreen and ensure that it's safe and legal for you to drive.

Windscreen Chip Repairs At Your Location

Our specialised knowledge, equipment and experience enable us to perform minor cosmetic Windscreen Chip Repairs at your home, your workplace or whatever location you prefer. There's no need to travel and we'll do the job faster than you'd probably expect. All our work is covered by our comprehensive guarantee and you can expect a high quality finish and a service that we believe is second to none. Contact us now for a free quotation.

Important note: In the course of careful repair, the glass may still crack beyond the point of safe repair through no fault of ourselves. Unfortunately this is an inherent risk of windscreen repair. By instructing Paint Wizard to undergo such repair work, you accept this risk and associate no blame with ourselves.